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Melinda Windsor

Miss February 1966

February 28, 1966
June 25, 1944
Akron OH USA
5' 4"
119 lbs
Dinnertime is a little ways away and our busty Miss February 1966 is hungry for something as sweet as she is. “I’ll have a hot fudge with burnt almonds and don’t spare the whipped cream,” orders Melinda Windsor. “That will sustain me until dinnertime. Oh, can I have some strawberries too?” Petite and beautiful with the voluptuous body of a goddess, Melinda is a coed from UCLA who considers school to be her turn-on and fake people her ultimate turn-off. “My two sisters and I grew up in Ohio and Illinois. Our father is a chemist and our mother is a housewife,” says the all-natural brunette as she puts a spoonful of hot fudge into her mouth. “I'm studying psychology at UCLA, and also working as an insurance rater for Kemper in Los Angeles.” Completing her bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in languages including German, our Playmate of the Month is never seen on campus without textbooks in her arms and something sweet to nibble on during class. “My ambition is to finish school. I'm not working my way through college just to earn an 'M.R.S.' degree,” she says as she licks the whipped cream off her spoon. “I was holding down a daytime job as an insurance rater to pay for my night classes, but with the money I've received for my Playmate appearance, I'm now able to give my undivided attention to the pursuit of a sheepskin.” With the weekend around the corner, Melinda is ready to put her textbooks and homework aside for a day of fun. “When I’m not boning up on Pavlov, Adler and Jung, I like to lose myself in a wild James Bond thriller,” says our Valentine Playmate. “I may go skiing, but I'm not ready for tough runs yet. I’m still a beginner. However, my ski instructor says my form is nearly perfect.” Judging by her centerfold, we have to agree.