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Virve Reid

Miss June 1977

June 01, 1977
November 24, 1956
Vancouver British Columbia Canada
5' 2"
105 lbs
Who exactly is our petite Miss June 1977? Virve Reid is an all-natural brunette from Vancouver, Canada who was born in the wrong era. With interests in old world works of art and literature from centuries past, our curly-haired Playmate of the Month cannot wait to travel to Europe where she could see the classical works of the world for herself. “I would enjoy visiting Greece. I love the food and I love any hot country with a bright blue ocean and endless beaches. I'm also interested in ancient Greek history,” says Virve whose name is pronounced Veer-va. Virve, Estonian for ‘reflections of sunlight on the water,’ would make one important pit stop over in the United Kingdom before she makes her way over to ancient Greece. “I want to relax in a little thatch-roofed cottage in the English countryside, with a stream going by outside,” admits our part Scottish-English and part Estonian Playmate. “I'd like to study art and drama in London or California, but I haven't decided yet. I'd also like to become an actress.” Her studies and her future-acting career were placed on hold so she could pursue the possibility of becoming a Playmate. Virve was dancing away on a dancefloor at a party in her hometown when a local photographer could not keep his eyes off her. Her voluptuous figure, her curly brown hair and her contagious smile were enough for the photographer to know that she needed to test for Playmate. “I'm very spontaneous—don't like to make plans, so when I met this photographer, Ken Honey, and he took my test shots, I figured it was destiny that I become a Playmate,” explains our Miss June 1977. “I remember the times I used to say to myself, ‘I’ve got just as good a body as the women in Playboy.’ But, I never thought I’d have the chance to prove it.” And prove it she did—Playboy executives arranged for her Playmate of the Month photoshoot with photographer Philip Dixon immediately. “Phillip has the kind of creativity I agree with. Sometimes I'd be waiting for him to load the camera and I'd get into a certain mood and he'd say, ‘That's it!’” says Virve. “My gatefold, for example, is very Victorian. The photo sessions were interesting, erotic and fun.” Speaking of erotic, our buxom Miss June 1977 is an avid reader who says her passion for literature has given her an active imagination that often makes its way into the bedroom. “I have an incredible imagination, but, I’m not the type of a woman who has to pretend she’s making love to Paul Newman. I’m not into a lot of weird, kinky sexual trips, either; I’m satisfied with my real sex life,” says Virve who prefers skinny and sassy men over the muscular macho man. “I do fantasize. Sometimes I put myself in the heroine’s role in a novel I’m reading and ask myself. ‘What would I do in her situation?’ then I stop reading altogether and begin to drift into the scene.” Who wouldn’t want to drift away into a passionate scene with Playmate Virve Reid?