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Majken Haugedal

Miss October 1968

October 30, 1968
March 26, 1947
Copenhagen Denmark
5' 5"
108 lbs
Danish import Majken Haugedal—Mike for short—has been a busy, little bee since posing for Playboy magazine and working as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Montreal, Canada. “Things have been great, except for the fact that my days seem about five hours too short,” giggles the Scandinavian beauty with the wide green eyes. “The two careers have been wonderfully compatible. The sort of outgoing personality you have to develop to be a really good Bunny has helped me project myself in ads, too.” Her full modeling schedule has impacted her availabilities at the Club, but the all-natural blonde isn’t ready to give up the cottontail and bunny ears just yet. “I'd be too tired to be my best self at the Club if I worked much more than that,” says our Miss October 1968. “It's not so much the photo sessions themselves that make modeling so hectic, but all the preparations, like test shots and hair appointments.” One thing Mike believes sets her apart from her competition is she’s a natural beauty with an exotic accent that no one can seem to pinpoint. “My parents and younger brother and I moved to Quebec when I was 13,” says the model from Copenhagen, Denmark who has an accent that’s a mix of Danish and French Canadian. “I think the best thing about my current life is the incredible variety of roles I’m asked to play. As a Bunny, I’m pretty much myself—a sultry sexpot. It’s a lot of fun as long as you keep it in perspective.” As she happily eats a French pastry, Mike admits she’s not the type of model who worries too much about her waistline and she loves to eat. “Like most models, I’m a natural ham at heart; give me a wig and I just have to mug. That hamminess makes me wonder if I could make it in films—but I don’t want to jinx it by talking about!” says our Playmate of the Month before she calls over the Club’s wardrobe mistress to help her fascine her Bunny costume. “Too many of those French pastries, I guess!” As she practically falls over laughing at herself and her costume predicament, she knows this situation is so her. “I’m a nut,” giggles Mike. “I’m usually smiling and trying and trying to make people laugh. I love to be the life of the party. I’m fickle, flirtatious and frank.” Calling fondue, ice-cream and her native dish smørrebrød among her favorite meals, our Miss October 1968 cannot wait for summer to arrive because she has plans to travel which also means trying the local cuisine from each of her stops. “I’m going to visit my family in Denmark and then probably go to Greece,” she says before remembering she wants to also visit Paris and audition for some modeling jobs. “I've never seriously considered trying my luck in New York, where the girls are all tall-tall, but I think there's a chance I'll have good luck in Paris. I’m only 5’ 5”, but my dream is to be a fashion model.” Watch out, Paris, because Majken Haugedal, our bubbly Playmate from Scandinavia by way of Montreal, has her sights set on you.