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Coed Girls

Marita N'Shea

October 18, 2007
January 01, 1987
Chesterfield VA USA
5' 8"
105 lbs
“I'm often told that I ooze sex,” says Marita N’Shea from University of Tennessee. “Sometimes, I really don't mean to. However, when there's a guy who needs to be conquered, I know how to turn it on.” Marita has definitely turned on Playboy fans, who voted the linguistics major to be our Coed of the Month for December 2007. But, no one should ever believe they know who the African-American beauty truly is—she’s a woman of mystery and she prefers it that way. “I make sure to keep the mystery about myself alive, because guys like to be intrigued,” says all-natural Miss N’Shea. They absolutely do and women love a man—make that a gentleman—of mystery as well. “First, he has to be a bit of an enigma. When a guy intrigues me, it's very attractive and intensifies my feelings for him,” says the tall brunette. “Physically, if a guy has pretty teeth—which translates to a killer smile—it makes saying no to him much more difficult.” We’ll remain international men of mystery just for you, Marita.