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Cynthia Gwyn Brown

Miss May 1995

May 01, 1995
November 25, 1974
San Jose California USA
5' 5"
112 lbs
Cindy Brown is her own woman. Born Cynthia Gwyn in San Jose, California, the brown-haired girl has always gone somewhat against the norm – at fifteen, she became a vegetarian, despite the fact that her family raised pigs, cows and chickens as livestock. “My dad is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, and I grew up accepting that,” she explains. “When I got older, I realized that I like feeding the animals more than I like eating them.” Cindy gets her sense of social justice from her Cherokee ancestors, and her dream is to work for the Environmental Protection Agency. “I’m strong-willed, like my mother,” says Cindy. “She’s always telling me, ‘You’re going to have to make your own choices.’” It was Cindy’s choice to become Miss May 1995, and the farm-fresh beauty couldn’t be any prouder. “I used to wear baggy clothes all the time, but I don’t anymore,” she says. “I’m constantly looking to do things that women aren’t supposed to do. I’m proud of my body, and it’s fun to be sexy – it spills over into the rest of my life.” As for men, Cindy doesn’t kiss and tell, but she loves the simple things in life, and especially in love. Little notes and phone calls – “Just to say hello,” she says dreamily – are on the top of Cindy’s honey-do list. Though she stepped out of the spotlight after becoming a Playmate, we like to imagine that green-minded Miss Brown has fulfilled her dream and is out there somewhere, saving the environment.