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Tish Howard

Miss July 1966

July 30, 1966
July 04, 1946
New York NY USA
5' 5"
108 lbs
Young, all-natural with bright blue eyes, Playmate Tish Howard is an accomplished beauty with loving parents who inspire her every day. “Dad is a top scriptwriter, Mom is a successful painter, and I'm just a great spender,” laughs the California girl. With a home in Palm Springs and another in Los Angeles, the debutant’s daughter has been living in the lap of luxury since she came into the world and that isn’t about to stop now. “When I was eight, my family moved from New York City to Monterey, California. When I was 15, we moved to Paris,” she says. “I'd like to become a fashion designer after studying in New York or Paris, though.” With her sights set on fashion, the high-society brunette has dreams of working and socializing in the fashion capitals of the world and that dream will soon become her reality. “If I can keep my grades up for another couple of years, there's a strong chance of my being accepted as an apprentice designer by one of the top French or Italian couturiers after graduation,” says our Miss July 1966. “Hitting the books has meant having to pass up a pair of invitations to deb balls this summer in Vienna and Monaco; but if I'm going to be serious about getting anywhere in a field as competitive as contemporary feminine fashions, my studies had better come first.” Studying hard during the week, but sinning on the weekend, our Playmate of the Month is like any other girl—she cares about shopping, having fun and gossiping with her friends. “Anyone who tells you that girls love to gossip is absolutely right,” laughs Tish who loves to go on gossip-filled girls’ trips to Lake Arrowhead. “It's not that I have to travel so far from Los Angeles just for little weekend relaxation, but ever since my folks gave me a new XK-E last year, I've used any excuse to get it out on the highway and open her up.” Don’t feel too bad for our Miss July 1966 over her lack of wheels—she made a deal with her father to secure her a car whenever she needs to go shopping. “I made a deal with Dad. The Jag has barely enough room for me, a hatbox and a change of stockings so I need to take his Rolls-Royce. As long as I wash my own car and keep within the speed limits, he pays the upkeep on it,” she says. With her Playmate of the Month paycheck coming in very soon, Tish Howard will now have enough money to buy her own set of wheels. All that’s missing is a sexy man in the front the seat to join her and her hatboxes.