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Danielle Richardson

December 01, 2007
August 25, 1982
Garden City MI United States
5' 5"
125 lbs
Brown-eyed Danielle Richardson is in love with being a Playboy model. “Getting dolled up and posing is such an amazing high,” admits our Cybergirl of the Week for January 8, 2007. “I can't wait to do another photo shoot.” Voluptuous Danielle works as a medical biller. It may not be the most glamourous job, the dark chestnut brown-haired beauty believes it has made her truly cherish her free time. “My time outside of work is strictly either with my animals or cooking,” says the model who recently moved to Chattanooga, TN. “I don’t shop. I don’t do any of that girly stuff but I do cook. It’s my therapy.” Friends adore spending nights at Miss Richardson’s place –not only for the company but for the abundance of food. “My motto is live, love, laugh and eat!” says our CGOW. When it comes to love, nothing would turn Danielle on more than having a burly man who isn’t afraid to manhandle her. “I love a man’s man. I hate hunting but I love the manliness of it,” admits Miss Richardson. Calling all hunters –Playboy’s Cybergirls are always in season.