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Traci Adell

Miss July 1994

July 01, 1994
February 17, 1969
New Orleans LA USA
5' 11"
130 lbs
Traci Adell is truly inventive. Raised in Memphis, Tennessee, the dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty used to be timid, but overcame her fears – and gained some much-needed body confidence – with the help of her high school classmates. “I used to be extremely shy,” says Traci. “I dressed very conservatively and never dated.” However, when voted Class Beauty, Traci had second thoughts – with a political science degree from Memphis State, she moved to Los Angeles to establish herself as a model, actress and business-savvy entrepreneur. “I have a life outside of trying to be a glamour girl,” she says. “Since I’ve moved from Memphis, I’ve become surrounded by creative people…people I can lean on.” Long, lean and with nothing to lose, Traci auditioned for our 40th Anniversary Playmate Search, becoming Miss July 1994. “Once you’re a Playmate you can take it to a higher level,” she says. “In high school, people couldn’t even approach me with the subject of sex. Now I realize what a beautiful thing a woman’s body is. My pictures are about sensuality and the beauty of being a woman!” After her stint as Miss July, Traci went on to become an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, earning her master’s degree in education along the way. These days, she’s a successful educator and entrepreneur, with a focus on helping children learn in more fun and natural ways. Now that Miss Adell has conquered her fears, she can’t wait to head back to Memphis, settle down and raise some children of her own. “I want to be a mom and wife,” she says. “I’d also like to write self-help books. Writing has been an outlet for me to express my passion.” Even with a husband, house and kids, you won’t see the last of Traci Adell – with looks and book-smarts like hers, she’s not content to rest upon her laurels. “I’ll always have big dreams,” says Miss July. “The only things you regret in life are the risks you never took!”