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Valerie Stunings

January 17, 2013
July 12, 1986
Long Beach CA United States
5' 4"
Meet Amateur Valerie Stunings, a stunner from Long Beach, California. She’s Italian and Salvadorian, and all natural, with brown hair, brown eyes and kissable lips. This is her first time modeling, and her first time posing nude. “I was at a party in Vegas when I was approached by a Playboy rep,” she says. “She gave me her card, and a month later, I’m here.” She was a little nervous, but Jared Ryder and his team made her feel comfortable. “I had a great time on set,” she says. “I think that nudity is a work of art, and I’m proud to have worked with such talented artists.” “I don’t know if Long Beach really made me ‘who I am’,” says Valerie, “but it is a great place to live. I love the beach, and the weather is amazing.” She owns a hip clothing store in Anaheim, and when she’s not working, she loves to go out with her friends. “I’m really into fashion,” she says, “and I know how to put an outfit together. So when I go out, I’m dressed to the nines.” Valerie is single and looking – she wants a man who can treat her with love and respect, and if need be, provide for her. “I’m independent, but I need to know that he’ll catch me when I fall,” she says. “I guess I’m a bit of a romantic.” Valerie talks sex, love and first dates in her Facetime interview.