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Alejandra Lares

January 11, 2009
Los Angeles USA
OutKast's André 3000 and Big Boi arrived at the MTV Video Music Awards on the back of a flatbed truck equipped with a brass stripper pole (and a barely dressed dancer). A week later OutKast dialed it up a notch at their Stankonia studios in Atlanta with a camera and a pair of totally naked Playboy models. First up was André, who hunkered down in the mixing booth with gorgeous Venezuelan vixen Alejandra Lares. With a slow, deliberate, artful approach, Dré climbed atop the control panel and lay on the floor to capture Alejandra from her finest angles. He got so close at times that the camera couldn't focus. Singer, poet, painter, clothier, actor, aspiring filmmaker and, now, photographer, André 3000 is OutKast's multi-disciplined Renaissance man. As you can tell by these photos, he has mastered yet another medium.