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Coed Girls

Jessica Renée

April 11, 2006
Los Angeles CA USA
“On campus, the Greek system offers a great outlet for partying,” says Jessica Renee of her school, the University of California in Los Angeles. “Thursdays are the big frat party nights. The older crowd heads to bars in Westwood or the clubs in Hollywood to dance, which I love to do.” Coeds around UCLA know how to party, but when a party is thrown by our all-natural Coed of the Week for February 2, 2006, students pray for the chance to score an invitation. “I've always been able to plan amazing parties because I have crazy organizational skills,” says the dark-haired psychology major. “Whatever the occasion, I love being the hostess and making sure everyone is having a great time.” With Jessica Renee around, who wouldn’t have a great time?