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Julia Lyndon

Miss August 1977

August 01, 1977
July 03, 1955
Buffalo NY USA
5' 6"
112 lbs
Cooped up in an office with a view of San Francisco is Playmate Julia Lyndon who spends her days putting together a new version of the Yellow Pages. Want to know where to get the best French cuisine or where to get top of the line sex toys to spice things up in the bedroom? Ask the curly-haired brunette who makes it her business to know everything her town has to offer. “Are you interested in circus antiques and neat things? Try Hot Flash of America on Upper Market. What about Sherlock Holmes? You look like the type who likes detective stories. There's a bar and Holmes museum in Grosvenor Towers. We can go there for drinks after dinner,” says Julia who considers herself a businesswoman who will be made a chairwoman on the board of her own major corporation. “For a long time when I used to go to parties in New York, people didn’t know whether to treat me as a 14 year old Lolita or as an equal. Most played it safe and chose the latter. I developed great presence of mind, a taste for conversation. Presence of body came later.” Julia has always been a fiery go-getter from a young age. Growing up in Buffalo, NY, our all-natural Playmate of the Month attended a high school in Upstate New York that allowed her to follow her curiosity and study whatever it was she and her classmates wanted. “There were 300 courses available. You designed your own curriculum. When nothing's required, when you are doing what you've chosen, you have to devote all your energy to it. You can't make excuses. The cat can't eat your homework. I was tutored in Italian, Japanese history, Shakespeare. I booked movies for the film society,” says the no non-sense buxom model. “I was in pre-Olympic training for the equestrian team. But, then I discovered cities. I began to major in weekends. Every Friday, my girlfriend and I would journey down to New York to see the Juilliard Quartet or to attend a gallery opening or a literary party. I financed those weekends by playing high-stakes backgammon in the parlors near Washington Square. I was hustling backgammon before Hef ever heard about the game.” Whatever our Miss August 1977 wants, she gets and even if it means she needs to hustle, gamble, cheat and sometimes lie. “I have on occasion used an alias. Once, my girlfriend had her heart set on going to the Rainbow Room in New York for Easter Sunday brunch. The maître de looked at these two teenage girls, arched his eyebrow and asked, ‘Do you have a reservation?’ My friend was about to turn and leave, but I grabbed her hand. Yes, I'm sure my mother called in from Tarrytown.’ ‘What's the name?’ ‘Rockefeller.’ ‘Right this way.’ We had the best table. Now, whenever I go back, I get treated like a Rockefeller. I guess this pictorial blows that, right?” asks Julia. Unfortunately, it will because not only is Julia is our Miss August 1977, but her all-natural E-cup bust isn’t something that goes unnoticed.