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Jill De Vries

Miss October 1975

October 01, 1975
July 20, 1953
Kankakee IL USA
5' 7"
102 lbs
Country girl Jill De Vries a Dutch-American beauty from the open plains of Wichert, IL. Jill grew up living in a farmhouse where there was nothing and no one in sight for miles. With 14 acres all to herself, our all-natural Playmate of the Month encountered peace and tranquility at every turn. This was far from what she experienced in the big city of Chicago during shopping trips for her boyfriend’s general store. “I just can't handle big-city life. Not even for one afternoon,” anxiously says the busty blonde. “Cities are just too busy, too hectic. People are so involved in their own little worlds. And cityfolk always look so darn sullen and unhappy. Who needs it?” Like any good country girl from a Dutch family, Jill would spend her days planting tulips and gladioli with her father when she wasn’t cheerleading and playing the piano. With an ability to play Chopin gracefully at a young age, our Miss October 1975 had dreams of becoming a famous musician like her classical pianist idols. “For a long time, I wanted to be a concert pianist— I was really quite serious about it, in fact. But, my music teacher convinced me that it was really a rough life, and by the time college rolled around, I'd given up the idea,” explains Jill. “I'm studying elementary education at Illinois State University and working to get my teaching degree because little children are so much fun to be with.” The future kindergartners of Wichert will have to wait a little longer before they can call our Playmate of the Month their teacher. Our Miss October 1975 is enjoying life as a Playboy model far too much to give it up just yet. She’s been touring the country promoting her centerfold and has also been makiing friends with several other Playmates including Candace Collins whom she acted with in the movie Risky Business with actor Tom Cruise in 1983. Making Playboy history as the first Playmate to have a signed gatefold in the magazine, Jill’s modeling career isn’t slowing down. “I try to live for the moment and not worry about the future,” says our Playmate of the Month who’s only future plan is to go back to her farmhouse. “Nature puts me at ease and relaxes me. I enjoy making love outdoors—in the grass, in a haystack, it all depends on my mood. And there’s nothing like sex on a water bed—there’s so much more feeling to it. It’s much better than a hard bed.” Jill De Vries has every city boy ready to move to the country, in hopes of having their own haystack romance.