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Joan Bennett

Miss January 1985

January 01, 1985
August 30, 1964
Chicago Illinois USA
5' 8"
118 lbs
“I grew up in a small town in the Midwest—the kind of place where you spent a week talking about how wild the weekend was,” says Joan Bennett, a resident of Glenn Ellyn—a small town near Chicago. “I like to have something new to do every night. I work out, see films, theater, and friends. I like to argue. I like intensity.” The all-natural blonde knew as a teenager she would never get the intensity and the fast paced life she desired in her small town. She found herself looking around Glenn Ellyn and noticing how girls her age were going down the same path in life—they went to college, got married and had children—this wasn’t the formula Joan wanted for herself. The tall beauty began to model and before she knew it, she was booking jobs in Europe and was living in Paris. “I love to go on go-sees,” says blue-eyed Miss Bennett. “You get to the most interesting parts of the city, places tourists never go. It’s a bit of adventure.” Joan filled her days with casting calls, photoshoots, museums, art galleries and croissants, all the while, practicing her French. “I’m very independent and restless,” says Miss January 1985. “I don’t like to stay in one place. I like to party with people, but I don’t want to become attached to, or dependent on, anyone or anything. That’s all.” With money in her pockets and her sense of adventure running on full blast, the busty Playmate decided to leave Paris and travel around Europe—exploring, learning and making the most of life. “I never unpack my suitcase—everything is folded and ready to go,” admits Miss Bennett. “It seemed as if every few weeks I had to deal with a new apartment, new friends, new language, and new money. I tend to avoid Americans overseas. I try to speak the language. I miss having deep conversations, but I get by.” Now that she’s back in the United States, armed with her European experiences and her Playmate title, Joan has one thing on her mind—thanking her senior class. “In high school, I was voted the senior most likely to be a Playboy Centerfold. People said it could be a bad idea, but what if I turned 30 and regretted not doing it? That would be tragic,” explains Miss January 1985. “So, Glenbard West, class of ’82, you’ll be glad to know I didn’t let you down.”