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Coed Girls

Jocelyn Houston

December 15, 2005
January 01, 1986
Tempe AZ USA
“In Tempe, Arizona the party scene is very much a bar scene,” explains Jocelyn Houston, a student from Arizona State University. “It's what most people do for fun. I'm a cocktail waitress and go out at least four nights a week.” Miss Houston admits that she is single and loves to mingle—and you bet she knows exactly what type of man she wants to mingle with. “I like a guy who is having a good time, has a smile on his face and doesn't look bored,” explains the dark-haired broadcast journalism student. “Physically, I like the tall, dark and handsome type.” Our busty Coed of the Week for December 15, 2005 isn’t one for one night stands and cannot stand when the fellas assume she is. Luckily for her, she has a secret talent that has come in handy on more than one occasion for her and her girlfriends—mind reading. “I'm really good at reading people,” says Jocelyn. “I know exactly what they want and what they're thinking.” We’re thinking Jocelyn is as beautiful as she is talented.