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Mandy Marie

October 09, 2012
February 01, 1988
Detroit MI United states
5' 5"
Amateur Mandy Marie is a real Black Sea beauty. Part Ukranian and part Lebanese, she’s a slender-bodied blonde with brown-green eyes. “I’m from Highland, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan,” says Mandy. “It’s an equestrian town about half an hour outside of the city. It’s nice, but it’s small, and I couldn’t wait to travel after high school. Since then, I’ve been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, throughout Europe and the Middle East. It gave me a new perspective on life and culture, and I became more compassionate and open-minded.” Mandy is a working model and actress – mostly commercial print work, a few commercials and music videos – and is in pursuit of her Master’s degree. When she’s not studying, she likes shopping, concerts and dinners out with her girlfriends, or relaxing nights in with her boyfriend. “Being in a relationship is great,” says Mandy. “I have someone to talk to and spend time with. But I’m an independent person, and I do most things on my own. I try not to have specific expectations of others.” So what got her so interested in Playboy? “I saw a special about the history of Playboy on TV,” says Mandy. “How it all began. I was impressed that Playboy could go from one man’s idea into what it is today. It really inspired me – and now I’m a part of something big.”