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Coed Girls

Cinnamon Switch

February 15, 2007
January 01, 1986
Austin TX USA
“Austin is the number one place for singles,” explains Cinnamon Switch, an advertising coed from the University of Texas. “The hookup spot is at the bars all along Sixth Street. On campus, you can find a frat party every weekend, but I may be getting a little old for those. I like going to hole-in-the-wall bars myself.” Cinnamon is far from old—she’s a fresh-faced slim redhead who smiles constantly, especially when she starts listing off all of her favorite things. “I love beer, because you can hang out all night drinking beer. And I really like orchids; they're beautiful, different and sophisticated,” smiles blue-eyed Miss Switch. “I also love a guy who has broad shoulders. It means he's into something active, and that's sexy.” When our all-natural Coed of the Week for February 15, 2007 was asked what exactly she likes to do with such a man, she instantly flashed us a mischievous grin and said “I love making guys fall in love with me.” Consider us madly in love with Cinnamon Switch.