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Coed Girls

Phylis Syd

May 18, 2006
January 01, 1987
Montreal QC Canada
Phylis Syd is a quality woman who needs several things when she’s at a bar—top shelf alcohol and men to analyze. “Lately, I am into single-malt scotch, but I drink responsibly and only take advantage of myself when there are no other viable victims around,” giggles the busty brunette from Montreal. Usually, the political science major from McGill University finds plenty of men overjoyed to be her victim which fills Phylis with glee as she lets the games begin. “I look at his pocketbook or stock portfolio, if need be. I like an achiever,” explains all-natural Phylis. “Judging men by looks is so shallow. It objectifies them! I am all for their empowerment! Earn on and date Playmates!” Don’t mind if we do, but we think we’ll start by courting our beautiful Coed of the Week for May 18, 2006.