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Shay VanBurin

April 09, 2014
August 14, 1991
Fall River Massachusetts USA
5' 6"
104 lbs
They say that big things come in small packages, and the same could be said of Shay VanBurin. A model and dancer from Fall River, Massachusetts, she’s much, much more than a hot body – she’s a student and up-and-coming research scientist, with a major in microbiology and a minor in bioengineering. “I love my job, but my true passion is science,” she says. “My ultimate goal is to work for the government. I think biological terrorism is a huge issue, and I’m gonna help save the world.” For now, Shay’s world is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she’s a model and go-go dancer at a local casino. “When I became a go-go dancer, a lot of the other girls I worked with were doing spokesmodeling. They kind of got me started.” From there, she started doing promotional work on the side, and it wasn’t long before she turned to Playboy. “Modeling for Playboy is something I always wanted to do, but I never thought I could,” she says. “I wasn’t the prettiest girl in high school, and the wallflower doesn’t usually get the spotlight. But once I started modeling, I felt like I had a shot – so I went to a casting, and now here I am.” When she’s not working, Shay has a wide variety of interests. “I love art and music,” she says. “I’m really into EDM, and I love going to raves and festivals. I’m a bit of a mad scientist, and I watch tons gory movies and play video games like Mario Kart, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.” When it comes to dating, her appeal is just as broad. “I like laid-back guys with dark hair and eyes,” she says. “Somebody smart and witty, who loves to play video games as much as I do. And he has to be sexually adventurous, too.” Smart and funny, with a hot body and a deliciously wicked streak – where do we sign up for more Shay VanBurin?