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Jeana Turner

May 13, 2014
March 05, 1993
Minneapolis Minnesota USA
5' 6"
120 lbs
Get comfortable with Jeana Turner, a glamour model from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She’s all natural, with brown hair, olive-green eyes and a truly one-of-a-kind look. “I’m a little bit of everything,” says Jeana, by way of introduction. “I’m black, white, Filipino and Native American. Not a lot of other girls can say that! Some people say that my look is intimidating, but I prefer to call it versatile.” Born in Tennessee and raised in Minnesota, Jeana wasn’t always as outgoing as she is here. “I was a bit of a nerd in high school,” she says. “I took my studies very seriously. But I was on the dance team, so people knew who I was.” That bit of attention got Jeana interested hair and makeup, fashion, and eventually, a modeling career. “I actually submitted my photos to Playboy last year, but I didn’t get a call back,” she says, laughing. “I was determined, and I made it a point to get noticed on Playboy’s Instagram page. I can’t say that’s what did it, but shortly after that, I had an email from a casting director – and now here I am, a new member of the Playboy family!” When she’s not in front of the camera, Jeana’s no party animal – she loves to stay home and hang out her friends. “I’m a total homebody,” she says. “I love to cook and watch movies with my kitties. My favorite is Bridesmaids, but I love anything with Melissa McCarthy.” When it comes to men, Jeana has similarly good tastes. “I don’t really have a type,” she says. “Mentally, he should be confident. Physically, I think that all girls like a big, strong guy, and I’m no different. Sexually, he should be all about me, ‘cause I definitely do my part in the bedroom.” If you think you can handle a girl like Jeana, stick around – this is one rising star you’ll want to look out for, and lucky for you, she’s right here on Playboy Plus.