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June 17, 2014
March 16, 1993
London England
5' 5"
108 lbs
We’re home free with Geena, a glamour model from London, England. She’s all natural, with rich, dark chocolate-brown hair, brown eyes and a delightfully open mind. “I grew up between London and Romania,” she says. “My mum has a company in Romania, so I’ve travelled back and forth. Most people are surprised to know that I speak Romanian!” Nothing surprises us about Geena – and with a contract for Zoo, five covers of Nuts and regular appearances as a Page 3 girl, it’s no surprise that we made her a Playboy model. “I think that Playboy models are some of the most beautiful women in the world, and I’ve always wanted to be one,” she says. “I love America, and Playboy is the biggest American mag!” When she’s not modeling, Geena loves spa days, dinners out and dancing, and she enjoys everything that the single life in London has to offer. “I love good food, wine and shopping,” she says. “Doesn’t get much better than that. As far as men go, I’m single at the moment, but someday I’ll find Mr. Right.” As far as Mr. Right goes, this beautiful Brit has got her sights set on a company man. “My biggest turn-on is a man in a classy, tailored suit and a white shirt,” she says. “Gets me every time. I have this fantasy where I go into his office, and he’s sitting behind the desk, all suited and booted, waiting for me.” Here at Playboy, we can appreciate a good suit, but our favorite is a woman’s birthday suit, and with Geena, we’re most assuredly in luck. “I’m most comfortable when I’m nude, so I’m very comfortable in front of the camera,” she says. “As long as it’s tasteful, it’s good with me!”