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Georgie Gee

July 07, 2014
April 19, 1989
Townsville Australia
5' 11"
132 lbs
Georgie Gee is one of Australia’s sexiest exports. Tall at 5’11”, with honey-blonde hair and green eyes, she hails from Townsville, a city on the northern coast of Queensland, Australia. “I was born in England, but raised in Australia,” she says. “Townsville is nice and warm, and the Great Barrier Reef is right at your doorstep!” A horseback riding instructor by day, Georgie knows a thing or to about dressage, but she’s new to Playboy, which is to say, un-dressage. “I teach kids to ride horses, which is very rewarding,” she says. “I’ve been riding since I was a young girl. I’d say that I was a bit of a tomboy growing up – I wore baggy shirts and board shorts, and I spent all my time outdoors. My aunt was a famous model in the UK, and I always looked up to her, but I thought I was too boyish to follow in her footsteps.” On a whim, Georgie entered a modeling contest, and to her surprise, she won first place. “A little while ago, I got an email from Cassandra Keyes, asking me if I wanted to shoot with Playboy,” she says. “I was like, ‘oh, my God, of course I do!’ It’s such a great opportunity!” As the saying goes, when opportunity comes knocking, you’ve got to answer the door – and for a knockout like Georgie Gee, we’re open to just about anything.