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Kristine Simmons

August 12, 2014
February 01, 1996
Dallas Texas USA
5' 4"
115 lbs
You’re in for a treat with Kristine Simmons, a student and model from Dallas, Texas. All natural, with brown hair and olive-green eyes, Kristine is a little bit of everything – a native Texan, she’s the dream girl and the girl next door, all rolled into one. “I’m always on the go,” she says. “In high school, I was known as a social butterfly. I’m always out and about with my friends, and I love to meet new people.” A business major by day, Miss Simmons knows a thing or two about market forces, and she knew she had the capital to be a Playboy model. “When my father passed away, he left his collection of Playboys,” she says. “When I was older, I sat down and read them, and I just fell in love. I was inspired to be a Playboy model one day – and now here I am!” Needless to say, Kristine’s beauty and charm aren’t lost on us. “I work out all the time,” she says. “I love my curves, but I like my legs toned and my belly smooth. My best asset is my backside – that’s what I get the most compliments on!” Speaking of which, Kristine expects the men in her life to be just as fitness-conscious. “I like smart guys, but you’ve gotta be fit and clean-cut,” she says. “If you want to be my boyfriend, you’ve gotta look the part!”