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Sandy Greenberg

Miss June 1987

June 01, 1987
July 22, 1958
Spokane Washington USA
5' 7"
107 lbs
Coming to Playboy from Spokane, Washington is Sandy Greenberg. If Sandy’s body—or parts of Sandy’s body we should say—look familiar, it’s because the gorgeous model’s body has been featured in many ads. “This is a change of pace for me. Playboy is using my whole body,” smiles blonde-haired Miss Greenberg. “In St. Louis, they just use parts for lingerie, glove or jewelry ads. Nine times out of ten, if you see a navel in a St. Louis paper, it’s mine.” We found this to be a great shame and disservice to audiences everywhere, because Sandy’s whole body is perfectly voluptuous. Her figure is so desirable that it was used to portray Maxine Legroom, the fictional character created by Playboy to be Britain’s computerized TV anchor, Max Headroom’s perfect mate. Sandy loves that her modeling career is picking up steam, but what she loves more is the wind in her hair as she rides her motorcycle. “What do I like about motorcycles? You don’t have to wait in line to have fun. You just grab a map full of blue highway and ride,” says Miss June 1987, who was the costume and set design for films like Tommy Chong’s Far Out Man. “You can be into the bike, you can look scenery and you can listen to your head. I need to be with me.” Not only does she know bikes inside and out, but she is also the proud owner of five BMW motorcycles and embarks on long-distant rides as often as possible. “I just got back from 12 days and 3600 miles through Canada by way of Door County, past Niagara Falls and back to St. Louis,” reminisces Sandy as her blue eyes light up. “Last summer, I toured the Northwest, from Lake Tahoe to Grants Pass, Oregon. It's the perfect way to travel. There's none of the verbal stuff— no arguing, no back-seat driving, none of the stuff that gets in the way of a good time. Boredom never knocks on my door.” It most certainly does not when you’re a Playmate with a need for speed.