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Nancie Li Brandi

Miss December 1975

December 01, 1975
August 30, 1954
Johnstown PA USA
5' 6"
110 lbs
Sin City is an adult playground filled with beautiful women, games of fortune and parties where inhibition definitely isn’t on the guest list. Playboy photographer Richard Fegley was feeling lucky and wanted to test his newfound relationship with Lady Luck at the Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Casino. With his chips in hand, he headed straight for the table where the sexy dealer left him speechless. Nancie Li Brandi was her name and blackjack was her game. “According to the rules of blackjack, dealers have to stay on 17 and hit anything less, but the odds favor the house and the house wants to keep it that way,” explains the all-natural brunette. “Yet even the house gets superstitious. If a player loses, the dealer is hot. If the player wins, the dealer is cold and will be replaced.” Nancie is originally from Johnstown, PA, but her free-spirit couldn’t flourish in her hometown. Embarking on a cross-country adventure, the voluptuous brunette and a friend explored most of the United States before settling in Massachusetts where the ski hilling were calling their names. “Actually, New England didn't get much snow that year. I'm not sure you could call what I did skiing. It was closer to downhill ice skating,” says our Playmate of the Month. “We're both free spirits. We’d just decided to go our separate ways together for a while.” Trading the North for the South, Nancie made it to Las Vegas where she took a two week course at Harrah’s Casino to learn how to become a dealer and all of the house’s tricks. “At first I was all thumbs, but after a while, I could handle cards with the best of them,” recalls the buxom brunette. “Working the late shift at Harrah’s, I would see the gamblers and their ladies—looking at each other, smiling—and think these people are just like me. Different. Special. It’s nice. I’m basically a night person. There is something magical about staying up while the rest of the world sleeps.” Her life seemed to be set until our Playboy photographer was at her table one night begging her to be pose for Playboy and be our centerfold. Nancie couldn’t pass up the offer and graciously accepted being our Miss December 1975. “These pictures were a revelation. I still think of myself as the shy, skinny kid I used to be at 16. I was amazed at how different I look now,” says our ecstatic Playmate of the Month. “Depending on how I feel, I can go from a simple freshness to a high-fashion foxiness. I accept my body and I take great delight in seeing what it can do.” Nancie left Vegas for Los Angeles and made a living working as a fulltime model and even appeared in several television commercials. Everywhere she went, everyone wanted to know who Nancie was, especially Playboy fans in Japan after we sent our Playmate to the Asian country on a promotional tour. “I used to think that desirability was something a woman had to prove to the world. The sexual revolution was a series of brief skirmishes,” explains our Miss December 1975. “After a while, though, I became more confident. I’ve liberated my body and that’s enough for me. The territory is secure.” Now that Nancie Li Brandi’s mind and body are liberated, who knows what this gypsy-spirit will do next.