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Rebecca Scott

Miss August 1999

August 01, 1999
September 27, 1972
Kenosha Wisconsin USA
5' 8"
140 lbs
Rebecca Scott is a rolling stone, and from what we can gather, she’s here to rock our worlds. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, she grew up in small-town Wisconsin, and from an early age, she dreamed of being on stage. “When I was sixteen, I saw Aerosmith in concert,” she says. “I snuck up to the front row – it was wild!” Ever since then, she’s been obsessed with becoming a rock star, and doesn’t intend to let anything get in her way – but lucky for us, she made an exception for Playboy. As our red-hot Miss August 1999, Rebecca put her talents to good use as a singer in Playboy’s Wet and Wild show. “It’s a lot like a Vegas show,” she explains. “Very cool! Someday, I’m going to go onstage in leather pants, with explosions and crazy lights!” Miss Scott writes songs about life and love, and she’s not above a good old-fashioned party anthem. “I like to be surrounded by fun people and lots of love,” she says. “When I was 21, I sang at a bar and I was so bad that they turned off the mike. I’m more seasoned now – you can’t change the past, and the future is only your imagination!”