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June Cochran

PMOY 1963, Miss December 1962

December 30, 1962
February 20, 1942
Indianapolis IN USA
5' 2"
102 lbs
Part-time model and fulltime dreamer, June Cochran is a pageant contestant with many trophies back home in Indianapolis, Indiana. From being crowned Miss Indiana at the Miss World Beauty Pageant to representing her state at the Miss Universe contest, June is no strange to competition so when she was told she won the title of Miss December 1962, she was already campaigning to become our Playmate of the Year. “Being selected Playboy’s Playmate of the Year is my main ambition—the greatest honor I can imagine. I’ve won a lot of contests, but this is the title I want most,” says the blonde-haired beauty queen. “It would give me a chance to tour the country as a representative of America’s finest magazine and, perhaps, to personally thank every reader who votes for me.” There was just one little problem—we had too many beautiful Playmates to choose from and after narrowing down our choices for Miss 1963 to Avis Kimble, Laura Young and June Cochran, we simply couldn’t decide who would be our PMOY. We opened the vote to Playboy readers and the verdict was in—our voluptuous Miss December 1962 was now our Miss 1963 and she was floored by the news. “You know, I never thought I’d win,” admits the all-natural, petite model. “I’ve always considered myself as sort of an ugly duckling. And besides, the other two finalists were so very beautiful.” As her blue eyes filled with tears of joy like a beauty queen about to do a victory lap around the stage, our humble Playmate of the Year added she knows if it wasn’t for her fans, she wouldn’t be here. “I love all of my fans and especially the people of Indiana,” says our Miss 1963 who now has her sights set on the future. “My ambition now is to further my career in modeling and try for movies.”