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Coed Girls

Natalie Kane

September 20, 2010
June 14, 1984
Thousand Oaks CA United States
5' 3"
110 lbs
“I always have so much studying to do that I really don’t have time to go out,” says petite Natalie Kane. “I’m in grad school at the University of California in Los Angeles and I start med school next year.” The busty blonde is a studious beauty who is ready to trade in her textbooks for a pair of scrubs, but until then, she’ll continue to use her hands on her classmates. “I’m really great with my hands,” winks our green-eyed Coed of the Week for December 25, 2008. “Which is definitely useful, because I’m going to be a surgeon.” There is a downside though to having the best hands in a relationship—poor Natalie is often left displeased. “I have never had a guy made me climax,” says the frustrated microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics major. “I give them to myself all the time though. That’s why there’s no point in me dating.” Dr. Kane, we’ll prescribe you the right man to cure what ails you.