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Coed Girls

Elizabeth Foust

August 11, 2005
January 01, 1986
Columbus OH USA
Ohio State University’s Elizabeth Foust isn’t a huge fan of extravagant dates which include a five-course meal and expensive champagne. The all-natural redhead is a simple girl whose ideal date would take place in a laidback environment with thoughtful man by her side. “I like camping and sitting by an open fire. It's great to get away from the everyday grind and relax,” explains the personal finance major who wants a man who understands subtlety. “Guys have a better chance of getting my number if they come across as an old friend instead of as someone who's aggressive and armed with obvious lines.” Elizabeth loves being in a relationship and until our Coed of the Week for August 11, 2005 finds herself a devoted man, she’s going to enjoy being the single and sexy coed she is. “I take road trips whenever I can,” says Miss Foust. “It's a chance to explore and have great conversations with friends. And while you drive, you can sing to your heart's content!”