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Lourdes Estores

Miss June 1982

June 01, 1982
January 11, 1958
Honolulu Hawaii USA
5' 3"
102 lbs
The decision to model wasn’t a tough one for Lourdes Ann Kananimanu Estores—after all, the first published photo of the beauty was taken back when she was only a few minutes old. Lourdes was born January 11, 1958 with a full head of black hair and sparkly big, dark brown eyes. Her photo was printed the following day in the Honolulu Advertiser for one big reason—Lourdes was her parents’ 19th child, making her family half of the population of Haleiwa, HI. In that moment, the petite Pacific Islander was destined to bring attention to her native land. “This is paradise. Everything is perfect here!” says our busty Miss June 1982. “There is a feeling of wholesomeness to the environment here. People have a healthy glow and take especially good care of their bodies. That's important, because you don't wear much.” Lourdes spends her days working as a fitness instructor at her local health club and at night, she delivers cocktails with a smile. Life is laid-back and tranquil on the island—very different from the fast-paced environment of the mainland as our Playmate learned from her time at the University of Southern Mississippi. “It took going away to make me realize just how dumb I was to have taken it all for granted. Living on the mainland can never compare with this,” says Miss Estores as she looks at the exotic flowers that adorn her home. “We're not in a hurry here. The Hawaiian way is to lie back—what's the rush? Don't be so uptight!—and it's reflected in our health. There are not too many people here with heart problems or high blood pressure.” The part Hawaiian, Filipino, Spanish and Tahitian woman does know how to get our blood pumping with her naturally tanned skin and luscious figure, which she believes—much to our dismay—should be hidden. “I’ve always wanted to be a background dancer. I’m not one for the limelight. I love the feel of the stage—the lights, the smiles, the fun—but, I don’t think I could ever be a star myself,” confesses our Miss June 1982. She’s convinced us that Hawaii is heaven on earth, but we’ll never agree with Lourdes’s decision to sequester her body from the limelight. Lourdes Ann Kananimanu Estores was born to be a Hawaiian starlet.