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Paige Young

Miss November 1968

November 30, 1968
March 16, 1944
Los Angeles CA USA
5' 5"
118 lbs
Playmate Paige Young finds happiness and solace in discovering all that is naturally beautiful; from a love sonnet to a lush forest. “In my spare time, I meditate, observe nature, read poetry and skin dive,” says the Californian with the long brown hair. “Being in nature, preparing wild food and listening to classical music are just some of my turn-ons.” After meeting with photographer Peter Gowland for her Playmate of the Month photoshoot, Paige had planned a liberating way to celebrate becoming our Miss November 1968—skin diving. The difference between snorkeling and skin diving is skin diving requires divers to breath-hold their dives as they delve deeper into the aquatic world below—a skill the all-natural brunette has mastered. With her wetsuit on and her long dark tresses pulled back into a ponytail, Paige was ready to jump into the Santa Monica chilly waters as some of her friends spear for lobster for lunch. “My ideal evening would include preparing wild food, listening to classical music and meaningful conversation by the fireside,” says our blue-eyed Miss November 1968 who has some dating advice to share. “If people would just sit down and really talk to, instead of at, each other, I'm sure they'd be a lot happier.” With Santa Monica as her aquatic playground and Los Angeles as her hometown, Paige oddly enough spends most of her days in Malibu where she is often covered in paint at her studio. “Painting for a living is a struggle. I have to work at it, but at least my time is my own and I'm working for myself—not for some impersonal corporation,” says the busty freelance artist who dreads the idea of working a traditional job. “To be an artist, you have to be completely tuned in to yourself and your environment. I guess that’s why I dig nature so much; it has the kind of elemental beauty and energy that I try to put into my painting. I learn more by being outside than I could in any art course. My ambition is to be a great painter. I’d love to study in Paris.” With her focus being on portraits, neoimpressionism, bold abstractions and seascapes, our Playmate of the Month laughs when we ask her about pop art and its lack of representation in her portfolio. “It's real and it says something about today's culture—but I wouldn't waste my paint on it. I can do without the pop scene in general; it gives me a headache,” says the artist who recently completed a portrait of Truman Capote. “I’ve been offered five hundred dollars for it, but Capote is a hero of mine and I’d like to give it to him someday.” While Paige never met Truman, she did meet several celebrities following the release of her centerfold and working as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Hollywood. Men flocked to be with precious Paige—unfortunately, many of them did not treat our Playmate with love and respect and seemingly broke her spirit. Eventually, the Hollywood lifestyle became too much for the bubbly brunette who found solace in all that was naturally beautiful and she took her own life in July 13, 1974. “My weak spot is my desire to be alone,” said Paige Young in 1968. “It’s probably selfish.”