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Coed Girls

Laura Lynn

March 10, 2011
February 25, 1991
Oregon United States
5' 2"
100 lbs
As a nursing student, Laura Lynn is constantly approached by guys who have a nurse fantasy –but Laura says the nurse fetish isn’t as glamourous as they think. “Sorry guys—totally overhyped,” says the petite blonde. “Think about it: nurses wear scrubs, not short white dresses with a silly little hat. That would be so inconvenient when you're trying to take care of sick people. Scrubs are practical but by no means flattering.” As a student of Oregon State University, Laura does party on occasion, but she mostly spends her time studying in the library. “Partying is fun, but I'm in school to learn, so no going out if I'm swamped,” says our busty Coed of the Month for March 2011. The best part about being a nursing student, according to Laura Lynn, is her very interesting curriculum. “My instructor pantomimed performing oral sex on a woman once. The instructor is also a woman, so it was just as hilarious as it was sexy,” laughs Laura. Playboy fans will certainly be registering for this course next semester.