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Roberta Vasquez

Miss November 1984

November 01, 1984
February 13, 1963
Los Angeles CA USA
5' 8"
125 lbs
Looking at Roberta Vasquez many would assume the Latina with the all-natural F-cup and sweet smile is a voluptuous vixen ready for a good time. Roberta is always ready for a good time, but her idea of a fun night includes arresting criminals and ensuring that justice prevails. “It’s hard to make friends when people hear about the kind of work I’ve done,” says the California State Trooper. “They think that if they tell me about the wild weekend they spent way back when, I’m going to bust them! Once they get to know me, though, they realize they can let their guard down.” The luscious brunette from Los Angeles stumbled upon a career in law enforcement thanks to a job in security that she applied for as an 18 year old looking for adventure. “When I thought about it, I said to myself, ‘I can do that!’ I had the strength and I had a black belt in karate, so I knew I could handle myself,” recalls our Playmate of the Month who we met during our Women of Steel pictorial in 1984. No matter how qualified and fearless Miss Vasquez may be, she does admit that being a female police officer can be very dicey at times and that she must always remain on guard. “I discovered I have to adopt a different personality toward the public because I'm a woman. I don't necessarily have to be meaner than a man, but just a little more assertive,” explains Miss November 1984. “I have to stand my ground and demand certain things from the people I'm dealing with. I can't smile, which leads everyone to ask, ‘What's wrong?’ or ‘Didn't you get any last night?’ But, I have to, because I'm in a car all by myself and my closest backup is ten minutes away. It's a scary situation.” As a child, the scariest situation Roberta endured was being left in a dark bedroom, but now as an adult, she admits the scariest situation she could ever find herself in would be if she had to struggle, just like in her childhood. “I grew up with nothing. My mother had five kids on welfare and didn't know what she was going to do. I knew many times what it was to go hungry or to go next door because they had beans and tortillas and we had nothing,” says Roberta, who recently left her job as a trooper to find a career she is truly passionate about. "What drives me is not wanting to be in the situation that I was in when I was a kid. I don't ever want to be there again. So I try hard; I set my goals. If I set my goals as far up as I can imagine, if I get halfway there, it's 100 percent better than where I was.” With nothing but intelligence and motivation on her side, Miss November 1984 is unstoppable.