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Patricia Farinelli

Miss December 1981

December 01, 1981
March 18, 1960
Los Angeles California USA
5' 3"
115 lbs
Patricia Farinelli is a first generation Italian-American who lives in Los Angeles, California with her big, Italian family. Patti was raised religious, but her faith was tested when at the age of 16, her father passed away. Instead of being upset at the loss of her father, she was filled with gratitude for her mother, Clementina, and the way she wouldn’t allow the family to crumble. “My mother is a great woman. She's a real hard worker,” beams our Miss December 1981. “I've seen her come home from the factory after working all day and dive right into making dinner. She just does not stand still. She's from the old country. I'm more American.” If teenage Patricia had grown up in Italy, the locals would have considered her skinny body and flat chest to be a cause for concern. Every Italian nonna on the block would have been forcing her to eat, thinking she was malnourished. Unfortunately for the petite brunette, her American classmates weren’t as compassionate as the Italians and often referred to her as Flatty Patti. Those bullies soon regretted their insults when, almost overnight it seemed, Patricia developed her signature, all-natural F-cup chest. “I used to be embarrassed about the size of my breasts. People used to make fun of me. But, now I'm learning to be proud of the way I look,” says the late-bloomer. “I never even kissed a boy until I was a sophomore in high school. Then I sort of broke loose. In fact, I used to keep a list with the names of all the boys I had kissed, but I quit when the list went into three figures.” Miss Farinelli’s kissing list includes boys from her neighborhood and even A-list celebrities like Tony Danza and David Cassidy. “I once dated Burt Reynolds,” proudly states our Playmate of the Month. “I’ve grown up a lot in the past few years. Your experience does help you mature. For instance, sex a while back was not that great. As a matter of fact, I didn’t like it at all. I’ve come to realize it was probably because I wasn’t really in love. When you’re in love, both of your bodies become one. Sometimes, it’s enough for me to just do a little cuddling.” Patricia’s experience and years of maturity have not only improved her sense of self and her sex life, but it’s also helped her understand how men think or what really turns them on. “It's all nonsense,” says our Miss December 1981. “One guy likes legs, another guy likes boobs—you have to look at what's inside a person. I've gotten to be a pretty good judge of character. Fortunately, because here in Hollywood, you meet a lot of weirdos. You have to learn to look inside people.” Inside and out, Patricia Farinelli is simply bellissima.