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Connie Mason

Miss June 1963

June 29, 1963
August 24, 1937
Washington DC USA
5' 6"
115 lbs
Meet our busty Playmate of the Month for June 1963, Connie Mason from Washington, D.C. “I was born 21 years ago and went to high school in Silver Spring, Maryland, and attended Stratford (Junior) College in Danville, Virginia,” says Connie during our introduction. “I have an older sister, married, and a younger brother, unmarried, who is a whiz at horseback riding and is always winning all kinds of jumping prizes. For a year-and-a-half after I finished school I managed the cosmetic department at Woodward & Lothrop, a department store in Bethesda, Maryland. Then friends persuaded me to give modeling a whirl. I did.” With support from her friends and her love for fashion, the blue-eyed blonde began attending modeling auditions and much to no one’s surprise, she booked almost every single one she tried out for. “The way I see it, modeling is a near-perfect job for me. I love fine clothes—wearing gowns I couldn't possibly afford gives me a wonderfully regal feeling. This, I suppose, is a holdover from my childhood when I used to dress up in my mother's clothes. Of course, modeling is not always a gay, mad glamor routine—there's a lot of hard work mixed in, as well as some boredom—waiting around in a tiny dressing room can be a king-size drag. But, with the possible exception of Cary Grant's latest leading lady, I wouldn't trade places with anyone,” says our all-natural Miss June 1963 who is set to appear in a horror film called The Blood Feast very soon. “It's all about sacrificing beautiful young virgins to. You know, a typical, everyday kind of story. I'm rather proud of the fact that at the end of the show I'm still healthy, while every other girl is either dead or horribly mutilated. I don't imagine we'll win any Academy Awards, but it was fun taking time off to do it and I'd love to act in more films if I get the chance. I want to try everything. I'd hate to grow old, and look back and say to myself, 'Now, why didn't you at least give that a try?' It would be a horrible feeling, not having attempted something that might have been fun.” Causing quite a stir on the pages of Playboy, at the Playboy Club in Chicago where she works as a Bunny and soon, on the big screen, Connie is over-the-moon by the direction her life is taking. “My biggest ambition at the moment is to be successful enough as a model to make myself happy and to be able to settle down in a place where there's lots of sunshine and palm trees and water and eligible bachelors,” she giggles. “I don't get to meet too many single men in my line of work—but I always enjoy it whenever there are males in the salon where I'm modeling. The women are all fascinated by my clothes—but I know the men, at least, are looking at me. I've never found that to be an uncomfortable feeling.” Get to know Playmate Connie Mason, right here on Playboy Plus.