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Kella Dawn

June 08, 2012
January 14, 1986
Decatur Illinois USA
5' 5"
110 lbs
Say hello to Amateur Kella Dawn, a good Midwestern girl from Decatur, Illinois. She’s Irish, German and Native American, with blonde hair, brown-green eyes and a 32D bust. She’s a single mother to one son, and she directs operations at a local radio station and tends bar to make ends meet. “My parents were divorced,” she confides. “My dad lived in Oklahoma, and I lived in Illinois with my mom. She had to work three jobs to support us – she taught me so much about strength and endurance, and imparted a great sense of responsibility.” She works hard, so Kella spends her nights off on the couch with a bucket of hot wings and a Blackhawks game – or at the bar, where she and her friends have been known to make last call. “My son and I love to go to the amusement park,” she says. “We’re not afraid of the front seat on the roller coaster. Afterward we go to Krekel’s – it’s a fifties-style chain of diners – for a hamburger and ice cream.” Kella has some modeling experience – she’s been a promotional model for Miller Lite, the NRHA and two local radio stations – but this is her first time posing nude. “I have the utmost respect for Playboy,” she says. “It may be hard to believe, but I can be very self-conscious. Jared Ryder and his team made me feel comfortable.” Kella is single, but with a kid and a busy schedule, she doesn’t have much time to date. “I can focus on my career with minimal distraction,” she says. “But I like guys who are moral, respectful and confident – and aren’t afraid to take control.”