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Rosemarie Hillcrest

Miss October 1964

October 30, 1964
January 05, 1943
Exeter Devon England
5' 6"
145 lbs
Playmates come to us in all shapes, sizes and in a variety of ways, but no one has come to us in a way the exuded bravery, class with bountiful curves more than our Miss October 1964. Rosemarie Hillcrest is an economic and sociology student from Exeter University in Exeter, England who has been told since her first day of school that she had what it took to become a Playmate. She’s curvy with a buxom 41DD-cup chest and a sexy English accent to boot. With support from her mates on the rugby team, the all-natural blonde booked a flight to the United States once her semester was over and devised a brilliant scheme as to how to make her way into the Playboy Mansion. “I knew I had the wherewithal to be a Playmate,” explains the busty European. “But, I was hesitant to travel all the way to America, because I was afraid I might not even get an interview.” Walking up the marble steps of the Playboy Mansion in Chicago, Rosemarie knocked on the door and asked to speak to the man himself, Hugh Hefner. “Yes, I called to see Hefner personally. That’s how I came here,” says Rosemarie. Explaining she had traveled over 4000 miles for a college newspaper assignment that required her to interview a millionaire, she was escorted into his study where she got her interview and a personal invitation from Hef to test for Playmate of the Month which she accepted. Her approach to becoming a Playmate took guts, skills and confidence—and being known for having the largest bust in Playboy history is just icing on the cake. “Though deep down I'm a sensible girl, I'm sometimes rather too spontaneous for my own good,” says our Miss October 1964 who is a direct descendant of William the Conqueror of England. “It explains why I do outrageous things, like coming to America—that have wonderful results, like becoming a Playmate.” With her mission in America completed, the British bombshell plans to go back to England and find herself a man who is just as gutsy as she is. “I dislike weak men who allow me to be what I hate to be—spoiled. I like men who have strong characters to keep them from going wild,” explains Rosemarie Hillcrest. “In the future, I would like to be healthy and keep young at heart, and if possible I would like to live comfortably in the country.”