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Eva Hilovski

April 25, 2012
November 02, 1990
Hermosa Beach CA United States
5' 7"
Get close with Amateur Eva Hilovski, a model and actress from Hermosa Beach, California. She’s German and Hungarian, and all natural, with dark blonde hair and teal-blue eyes. “I grew up in Hermosa Beach,” she says. “It gave me a free spirit – I’m an LA girl, but I’m laid back, easy to please, and I treat my friends like family.” She has a strong sense of conscience – she does yoga, serves Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at the homeless shelter, and she’s a vegetarian and member of PETA. Eva works as a hairdresser, and when she’s not working, she hangs out with her friends – going to the beach, walking her dog on the Strand or having a few beers over a bowl of her famous chili – or spends time at home with her boyfriend of over seven years. She’s creative and has a broad range of interests, especially music. “My dad was in the music industry, so I listen to a lot of different stuff,” she says. “Everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Tiesto to Britney Spears.” Eva is a real professional – she’s been acting in commercials since she was eight years old, and she’s had parts on MTV’s Fantasy Factory, The Defenders, and HBO’s fan favorite True Blood. “I’m a big fan of The Girls Next Door,” she says, “and I figured, I’m not so different from those girls – I could be a Playboy model. So when I turned eighteen, I submitted my portfolio.” Since then, she’s been featured in three issues of Special Editions, appeared on Camp Playboy and as a Radio Mate, and now she’s an Amateur on Playboy Plus. “My pictorials capture me in my prime,” she says. “My ultimate goal is to become a Playmate, but whether or not it happens, I’m a member of a big, happy family.”