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Coed Girls

Michelle Moore

January 04, 2009
Houston TX USA
5' 2"
118 lbs
Nursing student Michelle Moore knows what everyone is thinking—they’d love to see her work in a sexy nurse’s uniform. “Who wouldn’t want to see a woman in a sexy little nursing uniform? I mean, come on—it doesn’t get any better than that,” says the San Jacinto College coed. “I think it would be awesome to wear sexy lingerie to school instead of nursing scrubs, but we all know that won’t happen.” The petite blonde with the DD-cup bust believes it’s probably for the best that nurses don’t wear provocative uniforms to work or class. “Things might start to get a little freaky if we did. Sex is definitely liked on campus,” winks blue-eyed Michelle. “I’m all for students using sexuality to express themselves. Who cares what other people think!” Our thoughts exactly, and no one explores their sexuality at frat parties more than Miss Moore. “Let’s just say the last great party I attended involved lots of shots, boobs and a hot tub. I’m going to leave it at that!” says our Coed of the Month for July 2009.