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Kelly Tough

Miss October 1981

October 01, 1981
December 16, 1961
Vancouver British Columbia Canada
5' 7"
119 lbs
Kelly Tough is as her last name suggests—she’s a tough beauty who lived through her difficult youth in Vancouver, British Columbia. “We were so poor that I was allowed to wash my hair only once a week. We couldn't afford the hot water,” recalls the soft-spoken brunette. Kelly persevered through those rough years by losing herself in her daydreams of becoming a successful model and beauty queen. She knew that if anyone could make it out of her old Vancouver neighborhood and become a success in California—more specifically, at the Playboy Mansion—it was Miss Tough. “I remember driving through the Playboy gates— I sat in front. I'd never been in a limousine before, so I'd looked at the driver and said, ‘Can I sit in the front seat with you?’ I felt so alone,” admits our all-natural Miss October 1981. “Doing my centerfold was difficult, because I’m pretty shy. But, now I’m proud of it. I love it. It’s a work of art. Every time I see it, I ask whoever’s with me, ‘Wanna see my centerfold?’ Of course, I wouldn’t take off my clothes and say, ‘See?’ What kind of a girl do you think I am?” The glamorous life of a Playmate was a drastic change for Kelly. Not only did she have access to all the hot water she wanted, but she was also invited to infamous Hollywood parties and socialized with every big name in the music, television and film industries. “I've been disappointed by a lot of people I've met, like TV stars I'd seen and thought I'd like to meet. Then I'd meet one and think, ‘What a jerk,’” explains our busty Playmate of the Month who refuses to name names. “But, I'm directing all my energy toward one thing—my singing career. I just remember who I am—Tough.” Kelly was offered a spot on in The Playmates singing group directed by Vic Caesar, which the tough model happily accepted. However, even though life seems to be on the up-and-up for Kelly, don’t think for a second that she’ll allow herself to be distracted by a man and risk losing the good life. “I’m still too young to get involved,” states our Miss October 1981. “I don’t think I’ve ever been in love. I’ve loved people, but not love love. I’m not ready for it yet and I’m not going to be ready until I get my career going.” Kelly Tough is name everyone should remember.