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Miki Garcia

Miss January 1973

January 01, 1973
February 17, 1947
Kingman Arizona USA
5' 4"
108 lbs
If there is one word our petite Miss January 1973 doesn’t understand, it’s the word lazy. Miki Garcia wears several hats and has earned herself even more titles. She’s a model, an insurance underwriter, an animal activist, a volunteer instructor for Mexican-American girls looking to become supermodels, a civic fund raiser and more. How much more you ask? The list goes on—she’s an assistant director for a beauty pageant, a beauty contestant herself, a racial activist, and she just began designing her own bikini line. “I'm not really an activist,” says the all-natural brunette. “I just want to help people. But this pace is beginning to get to me.” Forgive us, but we feel the need to politely disagree with our Playmate of the Month on this subject. Miki, a voluptuous brunette who comes from an English-Spanish-French-and-Irish family, has been a beauty contestant for years and currently has a dozen titles to her name—it would have been 13, but she dropped out of the Miss California World contest to pose for Playboy. Her experience in pageants has been invaluable and she couldn’t understand why her fellow contestants weren’t as diverse as the states they represented. “Before the Miss California-Bikini contest, of which I'm assistant director, I combed the countryside making speeches at intertribal council and civic meetings, signing up Indian, Mexican and black contestants,” explains our all-natural Miss January 1973. “I was sick of all-white beauty contests. Now that I'm better known in town, I do what I can to combat prejudice. I would establish a non-profit modeling agency for Mexican-American women.” Like we said, Miki is definitely an activist—whether she believes it or not. Her desire to help correct injustice isn’t limited to mankind, but also to the animal kingdom. The proud owner of three hens, four pigeons, a rooster, three cats and several rabbits, the Air Force brat who’s lived in four countries calls cruelty to animals her biggest turnoff. “My weak spot is that I’m impatient. The best solutions to problems cannot be found hastily, but last night, one of my hens refused to sit, and I was up till all hours hatching eggs under an electric blanket, then feeding chicks with an eye dropper. I'm a wreck.” That is the last word we would ever use when describing our caring and nurturing Miss January 1973. “My friend know that I am paradoxical. I appear outgoing but am very shy and only self-assertive through sheer will power,” she confesses. “I assume this has to do with my astrological sign, Aquarius.” If being an Aquarius makes a woman a go-getter, a beauty pageant title collector, our Playmate of the Month, an activist and more, than the world can sure use many more Aquarius ladies like Miki Garcia.