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Coed Girls

Natalia Ortega

March 03, 2005
January 01, 1986
Miami FL USA
“There are so many places to go in Miami. Every weekend you hear about a different place, since the South Beach scene is huge,” explains University of Miami coed and avid party girl, Natalia Ortega. “You go to a club or just rent a hotel room and party there. But, I have just as much fun spending the night at home with close friends as I do going to a bar.” The all-natural brunette was recently voted our Coed of the Week for March 3, 2005 making her the main focus around campus. This wasn’t a stretch for the gorgeous Latina—she stands out wherever she goes, including when she’s home with her family. “I'm the artsy one in a family filled with doctors or business-oriented people. Since I'm a creative writing major, I obviously write, but I'm also just as passionate about belly dancing,” says Miss Ortega. “I started taking classes when I was in high school and lately it's become such a huge part of my life. I've danced at parties and at shows and soon I'll be teaching classes.” Can we have a private class, Natalia?