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Stacey Kay

December 04, 2012
April 24, 1993
Gilbert Arizona United States
5' 5"
115 lbs
Meet Amateur Stacey Kay, a waitress from Gilbert, Arizona. She’s half Panamanian, with brown hair and eyes, a narrow waist and real curves. “I’m from Pennsylvania, but I’ve lived all over the place,” she says. “Virginia, Florida and now Arizona. I’m the middle child – I have an older brother and a younger sister.” Stacey looks young, but she’s wise beyond her nineteen years. “My mother passed when I was thirteen, so I had to be a mother to my sister,” she says. “It made me the strong person I am today. I don’t take anything for granted, and I work hard for the things I want in life.” The things Stacey wants in life are pretty simple. “I’m spontaneous,” she says. “I like to do things spur-of-the-moment.” She’s a big Steelers fan, and she lives for Sunday games and takeout with the guys. She loves to shop with her girlfriends, and she has a standing appointment for a mani-pedi at her favorite nail salon. “I like to get a new color every week,” she says. After a long relationship, Stacey is single and taking some time for herself. “I love being single,” she says. “I can do whatever I want!” For one thing, Stacey wants to be a nude model, and there’s nothing stopping her now. “I went to a modeling school when I was younger, so I have a portfolio,” says Stacey, “but this is my first time posing nude.” You wouldn’t know it – she’s proud of her body and doesn’t mind showing it off. “Like I said, I’m spontaneous,” she says. “I’m not afraid to try new things. I’ve always wanted to be a model, and I’ve been given a great opportunity to get started with Playboy.”