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Cyndi Wood

PMOY 1974, Miss February 1973

February 01, 1973
September 25, 1950
Burbank California USA
5' 5"
103 lbs
Playmate Cyndi Wood is our gorgeous Miss February 1973 and our Miss 1974, but it’s shocking to hear she never even considered herself to be Playmate material in the first place. “I never dreamed, when my girlfriend sent my photograph to Playboy, that I would ever become a Playmate, let alone Playmate of the Year,” says the overwhelmed blonde beauty. “I guess I thought all Playmates were spectacular—that I was too ordinary.” Ordinary isn’t word we’d use to describe the all-natural, busty blonde who dares to try her hand at everything that comes to mind. Our extraordinary Miss 1974 was born in Burbank, CA to an actress mother and recording executive father—entertaining was clearly in her genes. “Whenever there was a school play, I'd try out for it. Whenever the chorus auditioned, I was there. Between those activities and my dance and music instruction, I had little time to think about what I wanted to do,” recalls Cyndi. “My parents' friends were actors, producers and directors; my friends were their sons and daughters. For as long as I can remember, my life was nothing but lessons.” Her first big break came when our busty Miss February 1973 set her sights on a singing career and began recording with band, but her passion for music dwindled and she was in need of another path. “After two years of that, I knew I wanted something else. It seems to be a pattern with me that when I finally get committed to something, another interest comes along and I'm torn between the two. In high school, I was hung up between medicine and music. When I finally abandoned the thought of become a doctor, I discovered I liked acting better than music,” admits Cyndi. “I've always liked being in the spotlight.” With love for the spotlight— and a lack of acting confidence—it was back to the drawing board for our Playmate of the Year before she settled on the idea of modeling. “I haven’t really decided on a career, and I’m in no hurry. I don’t think in terms of making it big; I’d just like to earn enough to invest in a small business, so I wouldn’t have to worry about money all my life. That way I could keep on doing lots of different things. I want to be successful in whatever career I choose,” says the all-natural blonde. “I love being a Playmate because it pays well and its great publicity. I also have no hang-ups about nudity when it's in the right place or situation.” Cyndi counts herself lucky to have a strong personality and thick skin because since she was voted our Playmate of the Year, she’s had to deal with her fair share of criticism. “Once when I was on a radio talk show, some women called in and said I was sinful for taking off my clothes. Well, I’m tired of fighting people like that. Nudity can be tasteful, like a 16th century painting. If my pictures are sexy, that’s only incidental. I just try to be natural,” debates Cyndi who still cannot believe she won Playmate of the Year. “I was in Tokyo, in the midst of a night-club engagement, recording sessions and modeling dates, when Marilyn Grabowski, Playboy’s West Coast Picture Editor, reached me. My first reaction was just kind of a ‘who, me?’ Not until several days later did I really start to believe it, to feel how exciting it actually was.” Along with her check for $5000, her Playmate pink Mercedes-Benz 450SL roadster and her 16-foot catamaran with trailer, Cyndi confesses Playboy has been a wild experience where she’s gained new toys, new friends, a great career and it’s taught her a lot about herself. “I learned I’m allergic to zebra!” shouts our Miss 1974 after completing her Playmate of the Year photoshoot on a zebra skin rug. Cyndi Wood is truly one of a kind.