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Janet Quist

Miss December 1978

December 01, 1978
August 17, 1955
Austin TX USA
5' 8"
118 lbs
Playmate Janet Quist is a tall blonde who has a soft voice, sparkling eyes and an all-natural E-cup bust. These features have garnished a lot of male attention over the years especially since she’s become our Miss December 1978. However, the beauty we discovered during a Playmate Photo Contest in 1977 insists she’s unfazed by her newfound fame and is still the same country girl from Austin who cares about rodeos and finding true love. “Most of my boyfriends have been very possessive. So I’ve been looking for someone who can live his own life. Someone who is as independent as I am,” explains Janet. “The first thing I look for in a man is honesty. I need someone who is straightforward and cares about me. I’m really not very fond of casual sex; I think it’s a lot better when you’re in love.” Our Miss December 1978 may not have found her Prince Charming yet and that’s just fine by her. She’s young, sexy and full of ambition—this Texan has a lot of goals she wants to accomplish before walking down the aisle like moving to a city with a beach. Ski sailing, waterskiing and body surfing are only some of the Playmate’s favorite activities to do in the water. “Ideally, I like to make love close to the water. Either on a sailboat or on a yacht. There’s something about the water that turns me on,” explains Janet. Hawaii, California and Mexico are just some of the places she has considered moving—and making love in. However, being the indecisive beauty she is, she has yet to pull the trigger on settling on a location. “I change all the time,” states Janet who isn’t even sure if she’d like to continue acting or continue her career in the modeling industry. “Most of my friends seem headed for careers or are already involved in one. I'm getting a little tired of not knowing what I'm going to be doing. I hope I settle down soon.” The one thing our voluptuous Playmate does know is she wants to grow a garden and eat as much as she can. She really is just a simple girl. “I just spent two weeks in Dallas eating lasagna. And at home we have about three acres of really fertile land where I garden. Corn, squash, green beans, black-eyed peas and okra,” explains the busty blonde. “I love to watch things grow.” Janet Quist is one farmer who could visit us in our dreams any night she’d like.