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Surrey Marshe

Miss January 1967

January 31, 1967
November 11, 1947
Aalborg Denmark
5' 2"
100 lbs
Our busty Miss January 1967 isn’t from the United States, but we didn’t need to look very far to find her. As the youngest of three children, Surrey Marshe was born and raised on a farm near Aalborg, Denmark, but she knew she would one day make her way across the pond. “Living in America is a big adventure,” giggles the blue-eyed, busty blonde. “It was always my dream, to come to America. I love to go to strange places and meet strange people, without any special plans or much money in my pocket.” Like most Scandinavians, Surrey is adventurous and throws caution to the wind when experiences are waiting to be. Without any real plan, she decided on a whim to head to New York City where she thought ‘why not become a singer.’ “I grew up singing—our family always sang together, mostly religious songs, and when I was alone on the farm I would sing to myself,” says our all-natural Miss January 1967 who studied the piano and baritone horn back in Denmark. “I was doing American songs before I understood what the English words were saying.” Although Surrey is beautiful and talented, the music industry wasn’t ready for her, but Playboy was, even though she didn’t know what that meant. “I had never heard of Playboy before,” shyly admits the petite European, “but now, I’m a Bunny at the Playboy Club in New York City and Playmate of the Month.” When she isn’t working for Playboy, Surrey will knit clothes for herself and her friends during the day and will dance at the discothèque while sipping a daiquiri by night. “I love sewing, knitting, skiing, going to movies and skating,” she says. “I also love Chinese food, watching Western movies and listening to Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.” As she travels around the United States—taking a 32 hour bus ride to Miami and skiing in New England—the beautiful Dane knows it will soon be time for her to say goodbye to the West. “I would love to be a nurse in a place like Hong Kong or Taiwan,” she admits. “I would also like to have a family one day.” Keep an eye out of Surrey Marshe because who knows where her adventures will take her next.