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Coed Girls

Katerina Kovac

March 02, 2006
January 01, 1987
Lynden WA USA
5' 6"
110 lbs
“Washington State University is pretty small and it's in the middle of nowhere, so you get to know everybody really quickly,” says Katerina Kovac, a recent graduate of the human resources department. The Russian beauty was born in Siberia and raised in Lithuania before moving to the United States. As a Washington State University coed, the voluptuous blonde was excited about attending an American university for its education and for its campus social life. “Washington State also has a well-earned reputation as a party school. Every weekend is a blast!” says Miss Kovac. “I also go out dancing at clubs near campus all the time. I love getting dressed up in sexy clothes and meeting new people.” Now that she’s graduated, our Coed of the Month for May 2006 has moved to Las Vegas where the parties never stop and she can dance any time she wants. “My friends and I love to dance on podiums or around poles at clubs,” says Katerina. “We can attract a crowd, and who doesn't like being at the center?”