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Coed Girls

Krystal Dodge

March 09, 2006
Berkeley CA USA
For our blue-eyed Coed of the Week for March 9, 2006, love and food are the most important aspects about life—and she really hopes to find herself a good man soon. “This may sound clichéd, but intelligence is non-negotiable for me,” explains the busty brunette from the University of California in Berkeley. “Every guy I've ever liked has been smarter than me. There's something sexy about a man who can do quantum mechanics or explain the theory of relativity.” There’s something even sexier about the nutritional science major and her classmates incorporate their nutritional curriculum into their very active nightlife. “Our Greek system has some fun parties throughout the year, but the most infamous night happens at one of the co-ops—it holds a ‘Food Orgy,’” explains Miss Dodge. “There are massive amounts of finger foods and no one is allowed to feed themselves. Around midnight, chocolate sauce is poured over people and of course, clothing is completely optional.” If food is the way to man’s heart then a Playboy model covered in chocolate sauce is the way to a man’s soul.