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Donna Michelle

PMOY 1964, Miss December 1963

December 01, 1963
December 08, 1945
Los Angeles CA USA
5' 4"
118 lbs
Piano prodigy, drama-contest winner and ballerina with the New York City Ballet, Donna Michelle is an accomplished woman who doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. “I studied Russian ballet for seven years and have worked as a dancer in the New York City Ballet. I also had some movie parts as a child,” says the all-natural dancer of Russia, Swedish and German descent. “My ambition is to act in a legitimate theater.” With her star burning brightly, the flexible blonde from Los Angeles decided to add another career title to her extensive curriculum vitae—Miss December 1963. Becoming not just any Playmate of the Month, Donna was thrilled to hear she would be in the 10th holiday issue of Playboy magazine, but the list of top honors didn’t end there. We couldn’t ignore her voluptuous figure and the flexible, yet graceful way she’s able to move it so when it came down for us to choose who would be our Playmate of the Year, the choice was easy. “I really dig a man who's been around and looks it, who's worldly-wise without being world-weary, articulate and affirmative. I like men who are honest and sincere and I cannot stand men who act like they’re God’s gift to women. I'm afraid I have a long list of third-class males who really set my teeth on edge—especially the moral Milquetoast who continues to obey unquestioningly the outmoded codes decreed by society's die-hard guardians of Victorian society,” eloquently explains our Miss 1964. “Fortunately, you can't hold back a flood for long with a dike that's so full of holes. When it finally gives way, maybe we'll begin to understand, accept and, who knows, even rejoice in our sexual identities.” As men on the UCLA campus stare at our Playmate of the Year as she drives by on her way to class in her Playmate pink Mustang—one of her many Playboy prizes—Donna admits that only a truly good man will distract her from her studies. “It's a scholastic smorgasbord,” says the intelligent blonde who’s taken courses in art history and abnormal psychology. “But, with my appetite for learning, I don't think I've bitten off more than I can chew.” While she may seem like a fearless go-getter who loves to learn, Donna does admit there is one thing that this sportswoman will never learn. “I keep busy with swimming, taking care of and riding my horse, and driving my new sports car. I also dance ballet and modern jazz and scuba dive, but I avoid surfing at all costs,” explains Donna Michelle. “Frankly, I’m just a chicken.” That’s fine with us, Miss 1964—we’ll just lay in the sand with you.