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Lindsey Vuolo

Miss November 2001

November 01, 2001
October 19, 1981
Princeton NJ USA
5' 8"
120 lbs
If you ask Playmate Lindsey Vuolo, good things come to those who can’t wait. Brown-haired, brown-eyed and naturally busty, Lindsey was born in New Jersey and raised near Philadelphia, where she studied business and communications at a local college. “I got involved with Playboy when I was a freshman,” she says. “A friend of mine was a subscriber, and one day, she asked me if I’d ever thought about posing. At first I said no, because at the time I was in a relationship with someone very conservative, and I knew that he’s never let me do Playboy. So when we broke up, I decided to go for it!” Ever the savvy businesswoman, Miss Vuolo even made a little profit on the deal. “My friend bet me $50 that I was Playmate material,” she says. “I took the bet on one condition – that she had to take the pictures and mail them in!” Before she knew it, Lindsey was headed to Los Angeles for a Playmate test – and once she graced the centerfold, her life was forever changed. “I’m a big believer in fate,” she says. “Everything happens for a reason! I’ve become a better person for my experience with Playboy.” An observant Jew, Lindsey came under fire for her pictorial, which one detractor deemed as exploitative. Lindsey disagreed, feeling that her work with Playboy had granted her many career opportunities – a position we wholeheartedly endorsed. “Becoming a Playmate was definitely a turning point in my life,” says Lindsey. “When other women tell me they’re interested in Playboy, I always tell them to go for it. I’m living proof of what good might come out of it!”